​VISION: Inspire families and communities to work in unity to decrease chronic diseases and the health disparities among ethnic minorities. We are particularly focused on decreasing the high mortality rates of African Americans dying from preventable diseases associated with obesity, nutrition and smoking. 


Patricia Duff Tucker

Ariel Tolefree-Williams

Vice President 
Betty Thomas
Venda Hawkins

Emelbra Redd
Carrie Walker
Sophia Yeung

Susan Wang
Lois Gaston


SET for LIFE is now SET for LIFE/ FAMILIES! We will continue to partner with our local community organizations and health professionals. Our new partners will include several outreach ministries associated with Second Baptist Church Monrovia. These include:
City of Hope Community Benefit
City of Hope/CCARE
Mission of Mercy
The Food Pantry
LiveStream Conection
Second's Gazette
Teens In Progress
Prison/Angel Tree
Ixthus Productions
SET for LIFE was recognized by Monrovia Mayor Mary Ann Lutz and the City Council during council meeting. The recognition was for providing screenings and other resources for low income seniors and their families during the annual Healthing LIving for LIFE Expo. READ ARTICLE
SET for LIFE has also been featured in the City of Hope Winter 2013 publication for Zumba Fitness and Colorectal Cancer Screening Education Partnership. READ ARTICLE

FREE Mammograms on Saturday, September 17

Through our partnership with Inner Images, women 40+ will have an opportunity to get their annual mammograms on Saturday, September 17th during the fair.  Details are below.
1. Women who are low income 
2. Women who are uninsured
3. Women who have a PPO insurance 

Coming Soon!
List of Workshops, Screenings & Activities for youth and Adults